Christmas Re-Wrapped

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The In Thing Entertainment presents… “Christmas Re-Wrapped”

As the weather is getting colder and we’re heading closer and closer to Christmas, it was great to be able to work on a Christmas music project with The In Thing Entertainment. With a set out brief based around the title of the EP “Christmas Rewrapped,” we decided to approach the artwork from a gift or present angle. By developing the view of a present just after being unwrapped, we proceeded to use various blur and filter tools in order to create a cold, winter type effect to communicate the classiness and professionalism of what the listeners were about to hear.

It was an absolute pleasure working with Gavin and his team and the EP is now available for purchase so please help ‘The In Thing Entertainment’ raise money to support the fight against the current Ebola crises via BandCamp

  • Here’s what Gavin had to say…

    “I’m happy with the product that Creative i Designs have designed. It is eye catching without being to overly complicated; very classy! The turn around was pretty quick too, thumbs up from me and ‘The In Thing’ team!”

    Gavin Holligan


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