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Whether famous or not, branding a Music Artist, Public Figure or individual requires a lot research into the different markets in which those people live. Creative i Designs has been branding people for a number of years and pride ourselves with being able to visually create the right brand for an individual entering and or re-entering a specific marketplace e.g. Business, Gospel or Pop Industry etc. With our team of experienced designers and researchers, we provide a ‘identity’ branding service that encapsulates all that the individual is trying to achieve within their chosen market, as well as keeping in line with the overarching marketing strategy.

Creative i Designs would love to work with you on your brand, so get in touch so we can set up a consultation meeting and start work.

  • Here’s what Marcia had to say…

    “I commissioned Creative i Designs to design the cover for my first single. They did a brilliant job!  I’ll definitely be using their services again!”

    Marcia Walder-Thomas

  • Here’s what Fiona had to say…

    “When I began working on a fresh, new project, I was faced again with the decision on how I project the visual image of my first EP and the promotional material that would raise awareness about the  launch event. I first worked with Creative i Designs director Olrick Coker, to commence the design for my name. He provided me with a number of different options until I felt that the design truly represented my message and image.

    Following on from this, Mr Coker was trusted with the creative responsibility for my debut single, debut EP, and electronic and hard copy promotional materials. To date the results have not been disappointing. The delivery and the completed designs are professional, crisp, vibrant and unique. Based on the work completed in the past,  I am confident, that Creative i Designs will be able to create and provide the appropriate designs and artwork required for me to maintain a distinct visual presence for each of my future projects.”

    Fiona Yorke


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