(L) Listen

Our first commission before beginning any piece of artwork or design is to ‘LISTEN’ to the needs of our clients. This is to ensure that our design direction is accurate in order to remain efficient and timely.

1) Verbal or Face to Face Consultation
2) Quote Given by Creative i Designs
3) Provisional Project Deadline Agreed
4) Initial Deposit is Paid by the Client

(C) Create

Our second commission is to CREATE the piece of work that you have asked for. This is where you sit back and relax as we develop an initial draft for you to approve, give us feedback and/or make changes. We ensure to make changes where necessary, to get your project accurate according to the design brief.

1) We Design to your Specifications
2) We Present you with the 1st Draft
3) We Implement Your Changes (if any)
4) We Present you with a Final Draft

(S) Satisfy

Our third and final commission is to SATISFY the needs of our clients. At Creative i Designs, our aim is ‘Meeting Needs and Exceeding Expectations;’ so with this in mind, we believe and work hard to ensure that every customer is left satisfied with the service and product we have designed or developed for them.

1) The Final Draft is Approved
2) The Remaining Monies are Paid by the Client
3) All Designs are Sent or Uploaded for the Client

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